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Montreal Gazette Interview 1995              My Feng Shui Compass
This is me on the front page of the Montreal Gazette on May 19, 1995 being interviewed on the Feng Shui situation of the city's Olympia stadium. Another view of the page here. Right next to me is the Feng Shui compass, called "Lo-pan," which is an essential tool for true Feng Shui survey.

Believe me, I can't hold it any longer - I'm going to explode!

There is so much crappy information misleading everyone who wants to learn the true knowledge of Chinese Feng Shui that it really is a big mess out there.

It is such a pity though because 
Feng Shui is a true and time-tested powerful system that can change your "luck" around if you know what you're doing.

This ancient art & science of powerful positioning has been used for thousands of years in China. It used to be reserved and employed only by the emperors. Therefore, the true system was hardly reviewed to the general public although many claimed to have got the "key" to it.

The publicized system, however, was created by many self-proclaimed "masters" who, at one time or another,  thought they'd the real thing and started promoting it - very much like how the modern day version of publicized 
Feng Shui systems that has spread to the West.

You might have never known that in the old days in China, foreigners who didn't look Chinese were called "Barbarians" - excuse the term, folks.

When the foreign ambassadors stationed in China learned of the secretly guarded Feng Shui system, they pressed the emperors to reveal the secrets of Feng Shui to them. Of course, they were given a made-up system that was intended to fool the "barbarians."

This was called the "Eliminate-The-Barbarians Sutra" which was so popular that many centuries later, the system was introduced back to China because all along ordinary people in China were forbidden to practise Feng Shui which was reserved only for the emperors themselves. And that is what is being extensively publized nowadays.

Like the old saying goes, "Little learning is dangerous."

Being a down-to-earth 
Feng Shui practitioner for over 26 years, I can honestly say that I've seen many many cases of Feng Shui malpractice created by these self-proclaimed "masters" that cost their clients more than "an arm and a leg," suffering heavy losses physically as well as financially.

For example, a big corporation has collapsed and its owners went to jail for some made-up accusation by some negative ex-employees right after the wrong set-up of Feng Shui had been effected days ago. I've seen this thing happen in Hong Kong and America.

Blame it on 
Feng Shui, I'd say. But that's the real cause and it could have been avoided.

But for the wrong advice from the wrong "master."

Placing a wrong object at a wrong spot in the wrong time can bring forth so much negative consequences that it's hard for anyone to imagine.

However, on the contrary, placing a right object in the right spot with the right timing can change your luck around - almost immediately - believe it or not.

This is the real power of Feng Shui. And it all has to do with strategic timing and positioning. The real kind of Feng Shui, that is.
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Are you struggling with your career, your finances, your health, your relationship, or what have you?

You might have tried everything to get back on your feet, to climb back up from the pit, so to speak, but all efforts are in vain - for some reason, something is missing and you just can't seem to be able to overcome these hurdles.

Believe me, if trying hard enough is the key to success, a lot more people should have their success like they deserve. But often, this is just not the equation to create success.

We're often told to work smart, not hard. Yes, it makes a lot of sense. But I'd say we should work hard and smart to be successful. To me, the 'smart' part is the vital part that 
Feng Shui can play in every scenario.

Imagine building a house for your whole family to live in - if you ask me, if you do that without employing the powerful Feng Shui system, you're building a time-bomb that is set to explode in the near future! That's how important I consider real Feng-shui knowledge is.

And I kid you not.

The reason is because when 4 walls and a ceiling define a space at a certain time  which someone calls home or office, the main energetic patterns of this space has already been set, which would further dictate the good and bad aspects of such an environment. For example, where the front entrance is going to be located will dictate whether those who spend time in this particular environment will have good luck or bad luck in it.

To an experienced real 
Feng Shui practitioner like myself, it's often very easy to tell if a certain household is experiencing some never-ending difficulty by measuring the front entrance of their house with the classical Feng-shui compass called "Lo-pan."

I've seen from my over 26 years of experience of 
Feng Shui consultation with clients from all walks of life that, often, changing the luck of a family or a corporation will be a few simple gestures such as working on the front entrance, relocating the work desk, changing the bed position in the bedroom, putting some plants at various strategic locations, etc.

Of course, it has to be done with the right kind of Feng Shui knowledge. The real stuff , if you will. Not those confusing systems out there that make your head spin faster and faster.

That's why I'm still very much enjoying giving consultations as a 
Feng Shui practitioner, rather than as a board-certified naturopathic doctor, although I still see patients on some urgent occasions.

Guess what, being such a big believer in the power of real 
Feng Shui knowledge, I'd urge most of my patients to change the Feng Shui for their home and bedrooms as the first remedial measure. And more often than not, healing effects begin to appear right afterward.

Stadium Feng Shui Interior Design          TV and Entertainment Magazine
I'm being interviewed again by the Hong Kong's TV & Entertainment Times magazine, November 1994,  regarding the bad Feng Shui of the Hong Kong Stadium. This is the cover of the Hong Kong's TV & Entertainment Times magazine, Nov 28- Dec 4 1994 issue. Funny how I'm always interviewed on the Feng Shui of various stadiums.

Don't ever underestimate the degree of influences that come from the environment, be it on a physical or energetic level!

Have you ever noticed that right after you move into a new environment, you begin to have new patterns of thinking and behavior? All of a sudden, you start to dislike something which you used to be very fond of. Perhaps your taste for a certain thing begins to change as soon as your environment has been changed.

Even your thinking can change in a very obvious manner! Have you ever heard of the saying:

"Think right or think wrong, either way you're right ?"

Yes, you can change your "luck" around by changing your thinking pattern! This has been proven.

In other words, by changing your environment, which serves as the impulse for you to change your thinking, you change your life around - hopefully for the better .

Yes, that's right - whether you're going to change for the better or the worse depends on what environment you're being exposed to. It's that simple.

No wonder in the good ole days in China, there was a story of a saint whose mother had chosen to change their homes three times when the saint was still very young, just to make sure that her son would grow up to somebody. And he did - thanks to her mom's decision to move around.

Yes, it might have been the physical changes that bring forth the upliftment. But believe me, my friends, my over 25 years of experience as a down-to-earth 
Feng Shui practitioner tell me that it is more than just meeting the eyes.

It's the change of energies that makes or breaks somebody!

And the only one time-tested system that has been proven to ensure the environment is blessed with good energies that nourish our whole being is the authentic no B.S. Chinese Feng Shui that has been existing for thousands of years.

I've never seen any other system that can work as beautifully as 
Feng Shui when it comes to locating, altering, correcting, and fine-tuning an environment.

Believe it or not, everyday life will flow more smoothly;  business will prosper; relationships will become more positive; health will get better and better; the whole family will be less accident-prone; wealth will start to accumulate; goals will become more easily accessible; obstacles will begin to disappear ... etc, when you're with good 
Feng Shui.

If these are what you want, then this no B.S. 
Feng Shui system is for you!

It's strategic timing and positioning at its best . And it works for you 24/7.

Just like my friend once said: "Life is too short to dance with ugliness."

You and your family deserve the best Feng Shui there ever is - and it's just right here at your finger tips right now!

"I Find It Absolutely Amazing!"

Hi there,

As John's wife, and having seen so much from his work dealing with clients that have so many different kinds of problems all these years, I'd like to say that I'm a firm believer of the fact that the physical environment affects us so intensively that we just cannot take Feng Shui lightly.

I've found it so absolutely amazing to see how his Feng Shui knowledge has helped so much people with all kinds of problems, e.g. failing health, declining financial conditions, broken relationship, diseases of unknown causes, the list goes on....

The most amazing thing is: often times, by telling his clients to do seemingly simple changes such as positioning his desk into a certain direction, or simply changing sleeping positions, etc. he can change his clients' dilemma around! I'm also glad that now John has finally agreed to reveal his secrets of this powerful system that he's been using all these years.

Hope it will help you and your loved ones in every way possible.

Best and warmest regards,
Fong, ling-sheung ( John's wife )

"I Just Can't Recommend This Enough!"

Hello everyone,

I've been John's manager for quite some time now.

I'd like to say if you're really keen to learn the real stuffs, this is it. Not only will you be shown the seldom but authentic ways to conduct Feng Shui surveys, but also you'd be able to learn the real powerful secrets, which I don't think you can find elsewhere.

Seeing is believing, that's what I can say. And wait till you have a chance to have on site Feng Shui survey from him - boy, it's going to be the most detailed analysis of your house you'll ever experience.

Best wishes,
Petty Cheung

"You owe it to yourself and your family to get this system to work for you - No B.S. about it!"

Can you imagine being able to make the best business decision at the right time with the right action that brings result?

Yes, Feng Shui has it. Otherwise, why do you think even Donald Trump has his own Feng Shui advisors around him?

Can you imagine knowing when to sell your house with the right timing to fully harvest its monetary potential? ( That's how I made over 2 millions HKD extra in one deal - I will tell you more in my "2014 Feng Shui Color Insider Tips." )

How about getting the best insurance for the whole family for free - invisible protection against any negativity with good Feng Shui?

Or being able to spot the best Feng Shui location next time you look for your own home, or a piece of land to build your own home on?

How about being able to pick gems from rocks - those good deals from foreclosures ( foreclosed because of bad Feng Shui ) - believe me, I've seen too many of them and they're easy to deal with..

And how about mastering a money making skill that you can depend on to make a good and easy living for the rest of your life? ( I don't know about you, but I retired at 30 years old and have been enjoying life ever since, living a lifestyle of a Feng Shui consultant going places and meeting people on my clients' expenses while making very good money - you should see how much I charge per case. )

And turn yourself into an asset to those around you by being able to help people wherever you are - without doing much - just by looking at their house and telling them what's wrong and how to fix it with very simple things...?

Let's wrap it up here:

So, are you ready for some free tip for Feng Shui home decorating so that you can do your own Feng Shui interior design with the most appropriate Feng Shui colors and Feng Shui elements?

How about some advice to serve as the western guide to Feng Shui if you're kind of new to this Feng Shui home decorating thing?

2014 Feng Shui Color strategy dictates that it is very important to make sure that the direction of bed in bedroom is aligned to the North and the South while employing the right color schemes to make our bed the center of anchor in such a way that other good energies will flow smoothly...

Don't worry though - you don't really have to buy any artificial Feng Shui product to achieve your goals of Feng Shui home decorating.

I'd provide you with some very important and yet
free tip for feng shui home office colours when you sign up to my weekly newsletter that empowers you with everything you'd ever need to know about Feng Shui interior design, especially with regards to the 2014 Feng Shui Color strategies.

Oh, one more thing...I'm sure you must have seen, or at least heard of, the movie "The Secret" that talks about "the laws of attraction," right?

Guess what? When you set up your home with the appropriate 2014 feng shui color, you'd have already set yourself up to receive the abundance from the Universe. Thus, "the laws of attraction" will work so much more efficiently for you because your body and your home are the small universes that are in tune with the large Universe that is "out there," so to speak.

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